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Microsoft recently announced a public preview for a new native mobile App for iOS and Android for Azure cloud platform.

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The new App is focused on providing the following functionality

  • Check status and critical metrics of your Azure resources
  • Get notifications and alerts about important health issues
  • Perform simple operations to resolve common issues
  • Run powerful Azure Cloud Shell scripts in the app (coming soon)

The information displayed for each resource will include the following:

  • Status
  • Number of errors in the past week with a link to the full activity log
  • Important properties (Essentials)
  • Key usage metrics
  • Related resources
  • All resource properties

azure mobile app preview 02

In addition to the ability to quickly resolve common issues such as

  • Suspend and resume Analysis Services servers
  • Open the API Management portal in the browser
  • Start, stop, and restart App Service web apps and deployment slots
  • Start and stop App Service environments
  • Restart all App Service web apps in a plan or environment
  • Open App Service web apps and deployment slots in the browser
  • Start and stop Content Delivery Network endpoints
  • Start, stop, and swap cloud service slots
  • Open the HDInsight portal in the browser
  • Open Log Analytics workspaces in the Operations Management Suite app
  • Enable and disable Logic App workflows
  • Enable and disable Scheduler job collections
  • Start and stop Stream Analytics jobs
  • Start, stop, and restart virtual machines
  • Connect to Windows virtual machines using the RDP app
  • Start, stop, and restart virtual machine scale set instances
  • Open Visual Studio Team Services accounts in the browser

You can try the preview App and contribute your feedback to the App development team.

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