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Azure has release a new service called Azure Container Instances (ACI) that makes containers a first-class object of the Azure platform. It allows deploying container instance without having to provision, configure, or maintain underlying servers or hosts for those containers. and the great thing about this is you get billed the second for containers, not servers.

Containers have fundamentally changed the way applications are developed, built, and deployed. And the way system administrators manage their environments.

The benefits of using azure container instances are

  • Fast startup times. Containers can start in Azure in seconds compared to VMs that takes a long time.
  • Hypervisor-level security. Application are isolated in a container as it would be in a VM.
  • Custom sizes. choose what fits your application requirements from CPU, RAM, and disk
  • Public IP. You can choose to expose individual containers directly to the internet
  • Persistent storage. You can directly mound azure file share to a container
  • Supports Linux and Windows containers.
  • Co-scheduled groups. You can schedule multi-container groups that share a single host, local network, storage, and lifecycle.


How to use Azure Container Instances (ACI)

You can use the CLI commands which are currently ONLY available in Azure Cloud Shell to try out azure container instances.

To Create a new container instance

az container create --name mycontainer --image microsoft/aci-helloworld --resource-group myResourceGroup --ip-address public

To show all container instances

az container show --name mycontainer --resource-group myResourceGroup

To pull the container logs

az container logs --name mycontainer --resource-group myResourceGroup

To delete a container

az container delete --name mycontainer --resource-group myResourceGroup


To read more about Azure Container Instances and learn how to use it, check out the online documentation.

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